What Is The Sign of an Ill-Timed Decision?

Advertising only works in context. That’s why a Captain Morgan rum ad makes sense on Spike TV, but not on the Disney Channel.

But the importance of context goes far beyond media choices. You must also consider the mood of the times, and the mindset of your market.

That’s why this new Mass Mutual ad couldn’t be more poorly timed. In the context of today’s market meltdown, the image and message feel like the equivalent of wearing pink to a funeral.

I’m sure the campaign was conceived months ago, during more upbeat times. But it is dangerously out-of-synch with what’s on the minds of anxious investors today.

Like all of us, I suppose, Mass Mutual should have considered cutting its loses back in September. Unless, of course, its target market is out-of-work financial execs who retired with golden parachutes.