Turn Up the “Eugene” in This Election

Like everyone else, I’ve been impressed by how coolheaded and even-tempered Barack Obama has been over the past few weeks.

But I miss the “yes we can” Obama, too. Somehow, that dynamic, crowd-drawing candidate that got closeted after the GOP’s celebrity campaign.

As the election nears, I hope Obama will restore some of the passionate spirit—and inspiring oratory—that catapulted his candidacy.

For starters, the Obama campaign can call Eugene Lemcio from Seattle, whose letter to the editor of The New York Times, with a little work, could be the foundation for a great closing-days speech:

Why isn’t the American dream ever spoken of in terms of justice, equality, freedom and responsibility? Does the very definition of who we are as a people and nation have to boil down to things and owning them — however necessary and desirable?

Eugene’s right: We need to repair a lot more than our economy to get back on our feet as a nation. We need to rebuild the integrity of our country, the values of our democracy and the confidence our our people.

It’s time again for the “yes we can” Obama to take the stage and make that message heard. The American people want a leader who leads.