Slime Isn’t Just for Political Ads Any More

It’s easy to throw mud at political attack ads, especially at this time of year. But imagine a world in which all advertisers hurled the same slime.

Pepsi could raise suspicions about what’s really in the secret Coke formula. Sprint could demand a probe into the Verizon guy’s morals. Pampers could expose Huggies’ dirty laundry.

Evidently, Rupert Murdoch’s Fox Business Network thinks this dystopia is a good idea, as it’s launched an attack ad (see video above) against rival cable network CNBC’s Jim Cramer.

Cramer’s bombastic bluster makes him an easy target. But this tack from Fox—whose ratings are so low that Nielsen has a hard time even measuring them—is simply despicable. According to Barron’s this week, the ad has even appeared on CNBC, thanks to spot purchases.

Of course, every mudslinging campaign demands a response, stirring the pot. So here’s what CNBC had to say, courtesy of The Star-Ledger: “It is a predictably desperate attempt by a completely irrelevant network with ratings so pathetically small they refuse to make them public.”

Good to see the network is taking the high road. Put on your Hefty bag for this one; it’s going to be a slimefest.