Will Shanghai Depose Wall Street?

All sides of our country’s current financial debate can agree on one thing: Working-class Americans loathe Wall Street. So how do you get them—and their elected officials—to accept a “Wall Street bailout” bill? 

Recasting the bill as a “Main Street rescue” plan sure hasn’t worked. And no one appears to be buying the Depression 2.0 argument either.

A compelling article in today’s Washington Post may suggest a more persuasive appeal: If we don’t fix this problem, Shanghai is poised to steal New York’s crown as the financial capital of the world.

Blatant nationalism? Perhaps. But that may be the most effective “frame” to unite both sides of this contentious dispute. After all, without Sputnik, there may never have been a US space program.

Photo by decade null on Flickr.com, (cc) some rights reserved.