Ready for Change—We Can Believe In

HillaryChange.jpgObamaChange.jpgThe message of “change” resonated loudly in Iowa last Thursday night. Unfortunately for Hillary Clinton, it wasn’t the change she was hoping for.

For nearly two decades, the U.S. president has been either a Bush or a Clinton. So the idea of change—at least in the primary elections—may have backfired on Hillary.

This may have been especially true among young voters—under 30—who crowded the Iowa caucuses in droves. For them, a Bush or Clinton in the White House is all they’ve ever known.

According to a CNN poll, 57 percent of young Iowa voters committed their support to Obama, compared to only 11 percent for Clinton.

Clinton has smartly shifted her campaign strategy in response. New campaign signs feature the single word READY, and her stump speech now focuses on her experience to “lead from day one.”

So will “experience” trump “change”? And will voters buy into the idea that Hillary really is “ready”? Stay tuned on Tuesday night in New Hampshire. If it doesn’t work, Clinton may be left scrambling for a message.