How Much Was That Logo in Your Window?

MagnoliaProductions.jpgMagnolia Productions, an event planning company, is looking for a new logo.

Rather than hiring a design firm, Magnolia posted a one-sentence brief on, and offered a $200 “contest” reward for the winning submission.

In less than 24 hours, the firm has received more than 20 responses online, including the logo shown here, designed by “vskeerthu” of Coimbatore, India. The designer has entered 151 similar contests to date—and won only five.

With nine days to go in the competition, Magnolia could receive upwards of 100 logos, and not have to pay for a single one, if it chooses not to.

While it’s easy to poke fun at many of the designs—and argue, justifiably, the questionable ethics of such contests—it’s impossible to escape the reality that creative services have begun to be outsourced, just like manufacturing jobs and IT positions.

That’s likely to impact only small projects at first. But don’t discount this movement in the long run. I’ve even seen U.S. creative firms posting contests on SitePoint, soliciting design ideas for their own presentations.