Can the King of Beers Repolish Its Crown?

BudGreatAmericanLager.jpgBudweiser is the king of making quirky commercials that make people laugh. Unfortunately, those same ads have not helped it sell more beer.

So I give Anheuser-Busch credit for retooling its advertising strategy to promote its beer and not just the fun and froth of its brand.

Budweiser’s new “Great American Lager” positioning is simple and smart, with just a hint of bite, to distinguish Bud from competitive domestics, craft brews and imports:

Budweiser isn’t just a beer. It’s a lager. An authentic American lager, which is one of the most difficult beers to brew. Lagers are so crisp and clean, you can’t hide imperfections. Darker, cloudier beers can be more forgiving of flaws.
The commercials themselves—which feature Rob Riggle of “The Daily Show”—won’t win any awards. But let’s see where A-B takes this campaign before killing the creative.
I doubt that Bud’s new messaging will win over beer aficionados. But there are plenty of others who may rethink the brand as a result. And that’s worth more to A-B than all the creative advertising awards in the world.