Will It Ever Be “Morning Again in America”?

I’m a big fan of “Mad Men,” AMC’s attractively stylish—and repulsively despicable—TV show about Madison Avenue in the 1960s.

Last Thursday’s episode featured this historic campaign ad for John F. Kennedy. If you can get past some of the bizarre images, it’s hard not to revel in the ad’s naive production and irresistible exuberance.

My first thought: Why isn’t anyone in our current presidential campaign grabbing the banner of optimism? (And, why, when they do, must it be cloaked in such pretentious phrases as “The Audacity of Hope”?)

I’m not looking forward to another election year of attack ads and hate mongering. While we’ve all evolved far beyond the era of jingles and slogans, I wonder (at least in an advertising sense): Will it ever be morning again in America?