Curse of the Gecko? In Just 15 Minutes, the Mets Might Be Going, Going, Gone


It’s human nature to want to blame someone else when things go wrong.

In New York this week, Mets’ fans have been pointing fingers in all directions for the team’s potentially historic collapse.

My suggestion if it continues: Blame the gecko. Since GEICO has been a primary sponsor—and annoyingly persistent advertiser—on Mets games, the team has not won the World Series.

Think of it as the Mets’ version of the Cubbies’ Curse of the Billy Goat, which has kept Chicago out of the fall classic for more than 60 years.

Of course, that’s ridiculous. (But so is blaming Rickey Henderson, for that matter.)

I’m just hoping to generate enough momentum, so I can listen to New York radio for at least 15 minutes without hearing a lizard with a British accent tell me where to buy my car insurance.

Photo by wallyg on, (cc) some rights reserved