Sometimes a Bad Photo Is the Best Photo

TargetLocalStoreGrantsBorder.jpgThe photo on this community grant brochure for Target isn’t going to win any artistic awards.

The composition is pedestrian. There are cords dangling from the walls. The kids look a bit rumpled. The younger one’s shoe is coming untied. 

For all of these reasons, it would probably be rejected by most clients. 

And they’d be wrong, because that’s exactly why the photo works—because it’s so REAL.

The problem with most “community service” shots is that they look too slick, too staged and far too self-serving.

The Target photo, on the other hand, is candid, unexpected and sincere. It feels grassroots. And that makes the company’s “local impact” message more believable.

One problem: No caption anywhere. I’d love to know more about the kids (and program) in the photo.