IKEA: “Home Is the Most Important Place in the World”

IKEAFrame.jpgThe Wall Street Journal reports this morning that IKEA is launching a new ad campaign, “Taking IKEA Home.”

The soft, mainstream “feel good” commercial (view it here or click on the image at right) is far different than we’re used to from the quirky Swedish furniture retailer.  

WSJ’s take: “IKEA hopes the feel-good message will make consumers forget newspaper headlines about declining house prices—and continue buying house furnishings.”

Hmmm, maybe. But this feels more like a repositioning ad to me. I can almost hear it screaming: Hey, look, we’re not just for college students, urban singles and couples with young kids.

IKEA is a stellar brand. But when people reach a certain age, you often hear them talking about “graduating up from IKEA.” I think this campaign is aimed at erasing that bias and expanding the brand’s appeal to more consumers.

Even the final line of copy (delivered with silky smooth 70s sentimentality) is a tell: “Because wherever you live, whoever you are, home is the most important place in the world.”