Department of Tired Words and Phrases: Rigorous and Exhaustive

Certain words and phrases are used so much in advertising/marketing that they lose their meaning and luster. “Rigorous” and “exhaustive” are two examples. 

Here’s some copy for the Lexus Certified Pre-Owned Program (CPO) that manages to use both (plus “specially-trained” with an ill-considered hyphen):

In order to meet the rigorous standards of the CPO program, specially-trained Lexus technicians put each vehicle through an exhaustive series of examinations, assuring reliability, quality and customer confidence.

I’m not criticizing Lexus. Just pointing out that certain phrases become “corporate cliches” if you overuse them. (And I’m as guilty of that as anyone.)

I’ll keep adding to this list of soporifics over time. And I look forward to your suggestions, too.