Is Korean Air the Tiffany of Airlines?



Lots of companies “own” colors. Kodak is yellow, for instance.

But rarely does that ownership cut across industries.

“Tiffany blue” (a registered trademark, by the way) may be an exception, since the KoreanAirRibbon.jpgcolor is so clearly identified with the luxury leader.

So is Korean Air crossing the line here with its new advertising campaign (“What Korean Air Is Made Of”) now running on CNBC?

The company redesigned its identity a couple of years ago, so now all of its planes, uniforms, etc. have this “celadon blue” look.

The identity is refreshing, especially for an airline. But this campaign takes it too far.

The choice of imagery—right down to the ribbon—suggests Tiffany’s far too strongly to be a coincidence. But the idea that Korean Air is overtly copying the look seems unfathomable. So I’m not sure what’s up.

Judge for yourself by viewing the ad here. (Watch for the popping champagne cork. Gee, talk about subtle.)