Yeah, Yeah? Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.

Yeah1.jpgI’m traveling again today. (Hopefully, this will be my last trip of the year.) And everywhere I go, I’m hearing “yeah, yeah, yeah.”

Not the musical group. Or the Beatles’ refrain. But an insidious interjection that, come to think of it, has infected my conversation, too.

Keep your ears open and you’ll see what I mean. This linguistic bug has two mutations that can often be heard in the same conversation:

“Yeah, yeah” (I hear you…I’m listening… I totally follow what you’re saying and where you’re going with this.)

“Yeah, yeah, yeah” (Look, I get it already. Can we move on?)  

If this keeps up, I’m afraid “uh-huh” might be in grave danger. Same for OK, gotcha, fine, sure and yesiree-bob.

Prick up your ears today and see if you don’t hear the same thing. (Yeah, yeah, yeah.)