Broken Frames: The “Green” Fur Folly


The Fur Council of Canada has launched a new campaign to re-frame fur as “eco-fashion.”

The trade association’s new print ads argue that, unlike synthetic fibers, fur is “a natural, renewable and sustainable resource.” Among its arguments: Fur garments are long lasting and biodegradable.

Quoting one of the ads: “We use only part of what nature produces each year. Never endangered species.”

Another ad praises animal trappers as “our eyes and ears on the land,” sounding the alarm when vital habitats are threatened.

I’m sure this “strong offense is the best defense” strategy sounded good to fur producers pounding the table for action. But it’s totally insensitive to the mindset that already exists in the marketplace.

Calling fur “green”—no matter how true that claim is—will create a lightening rod for even deeper criticism of the fur industry. Just ask the pharma companies who tried to defend certain kinds of animal testing because it saved people’s lives.