Artisans “Brand” Together to Promote Holiday Sales

pledge180x150.jpgCrafters have always suffered from a bit of an inferiority complex. Not quite “artists” in many people’s minds. More like people with hobbies and some time on their hands.

No more. Craftspeople are cleverly aligning behind the “handmade” brand and marketing over the Internet rather than hiding behind cafeteria tables at local fairs.

A group called The Handmade Consortium is even urging shoppers to pledge online to “buy handmade this holiday season, and request that others do the same for me.”

It’s a smart idea, perfect for the time. And oh-so-much-more personal than a gift card could ever be. 

Just spend five minutes on (an addictive online bazaar of 10,000 capitalistic crafters from around the world) and you’ll see what I mean.

As one “pledge” at put it: “This year, everyone will get a little handmade something or other from me for Christmas! I’d rather spend the money locally then with the retail giants!”