An Admittedly Unhealthy Obsession with Watch Advertising

NicholasCageAd.jpgI’ve become unhealthily obsessed with luxury-watch ads since blogging about them last month.

Sure, a few brands promote unique positions: “You never actually own a Patek Philippe. You merely look after it for the next generation.”

But most resort to beauty shots or celebrity endorsements.

Montblanc tries to add social responsibility to the tired formula with this ad, “Helping Others Gives Success True Meaning.”

But the pay-off is puny: “With your purchase of a Montblanc TimeWalker, you are supporting a significant donation to Heal the Bay.” 

Heal the Bay isn’t described in the ad or on Montblanc’s Web site. It’s a Southern California group dedicated to clean waterways and beaches. I have no idea how that local effort supports Montblanc’s global brand. But I bet I can guess where Nicholas Cage owns a home.

To its credit, Montblanc also has a “The Power to Write” campaign, in which the pen maker supports UNICEF-sponsored writing and literacy programs. Now that’s a “cause marketing” effort that makes sense.