Brandweek: Say Ta-Ta to Taglines?


Brandweek reported yesterday that an increasing number of advertisers are dumping taglines from their marketing campaigns.

The publication cited several reasons—from the shrinking tenures of chief marketing officers to the growing challenge of engaging multiple audiences with a single message.

But the reason that resonated most with me is that many companies take taglines far too literally. Rather than capturing the spirit of their brands, they try (and fail) to define their businesses in five words or less.

Mike Wolfsohn of Ignited in Los Angeles hit it right on the head:

“If the Nike tagline were suggested today, the question back would probably be, ‘Just do what?’” said Wolfsohn. “There’s a level of trepidation now that people won’t get it and they won’t be able to parrot the idea back to you. So, taglines get over-defined.”

Photo by Aeioux on, (cc) some rights reserved.