Happy Thanksgiving, Cherokee National Youth Choir


Routine strips the wonder out of everyday life. The “familiar” often keeps us from thinking fresh.

I was reminded of that earlier this week on yet another delayed flight.

While business people, like me, grumbled at the front of the plane, there was a cohort of 30 or 40 kids in red t-shirts giggling and smiling in the back.

The group—Oklahoma’s Cherokee National Youth Choir—was on its way to perform in the Macy’s Parade. Many of the infrequent flyers yelped as we hit every little bump in the sky, and pointed out the windows as the skyline of Manhattan came into view.

The kids shook me from my stupor and made me remember how lucky I am to experience New York and all its richness every day.

Whatever you’re doing this holiday, with whomever you’re with, savor it as if it were your first time.

Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you get the long arm of the wishbone.

Photo by mdpNY on Flickr.com. (cc) Some rights reserved.