Trump Neat? Or on the Rocks?

trumppic.jpgLike him or not, Donald Trump has built the world’s most powerful brand in real estate.

But how are his other products—from bottled water to discount travel services to Trump University—actually performing? And do they pose a threat to the value of his real estate empire’s brand over time?

The reason I ask: I saw Trump Vodka at a bar for the first time last weekend. (OK, fine, I don’t get out much.) But customers were laughing at—not lapping up—the product.

For that matter, I don’t think that specialty drinks like “The Skinny Bitch” (Diet Coke and Trump) represent the brand voice of “the world’s finest super premium vodka.” 

Do different rules apply to Trump? Has he cleverly created a “brand of bravado” that atypically gets stronger with every new product, no matter how it performs?

Or is he unwittingly diluting the most valuable asset he owns—his name?