It May Bee Nothing, But Is Jerry Losing It?

About a month ago, I was in a brainstorming session at a New York branding firm when one of its designers said the unspeakable: “I hate Seinfeld.” Disappointingly, I may be joining the club.

Early on, I thought Jerry Seinfeld’s shameless self-promotion for “Bee Movie” was funny. But the “shorts” on “30 Rock” unsettled me. And this new ad (see video above) for HP computers pushed me over the edge.

Un-bee-lievably, Jerry has even included a plug for his wife’s new book in the commercial. What’s the deal with that?

What I can’t figure out: Is “Bee Movie” a kids’ flick that’s designed to appeal to adults (like “The Incredibles”). Or an animated film for grown-ups that is supposed to appeal to kids (like, uh, I’m not sure)?

If Dreamworks isn’t careful, it could get stung with a $150-million bug bomb. And its third box-office disappointment in a row.