It Ain’t the Wow—It’s the Woo

ArtofWoo3.jpgMarketers spend a lot of time and money trying to “wow” consumers. Authors G. Richard Shell and Mario Moussa suggest they’d better off wooing them instead.

The duo’s new book—“The Art of Woo”—is about how to employ “emortionally intelligent persuasion” to win people over and gain support for your ideas.

Among the authors’ core tenets: Communicators all too frequently fail to consider the feelings, frames of mind, or existing perceptions of the audiences with whom they are trying to communicate.

From my experience, nothing could be more true. Companies expend far too much energy trying to break down walls when they should be building windows and doors.

You can download a great article about Shell and Moussa’s book at (If you have to register, it’s fast and free. So don’t be deterred.) Read it and you can start practicing the art of woo, too.