Shhh, Can’t You See I’m Trying to Watch the Commercials?

MovieTheatre.jpgRemember when audiences would boo if theaters showed commericals before a movie? Well, we didn’t make enough noise.

Advertising Age reports this week that cinema advertising grew by 15 percent last year to more than $450 million. Some theaters run as much as 20 minutes of “content” (the magazine’s word, not mine) before a film.

Expect more to come. (It’s hard to get rid of a salesman once his foot is in the door.)

According to National CineMedia’s Cliff Marks: “Digital technology has allowed marketers to target specific movies and markets to use this medium much more strategically than years ago when they’d put an ad up on the screen.”

If we’re not careful, they’ll start putting ad placements right in the movies. Oh yeah, I forgot, they already are.  

Photo by yourbartender on, (cc) some rights reserved