On the 85th Day of Christmas, My True Love Gave to Me...

UsingersCat.jpgI received my first official holiday catalog this weekend—and it’s a beauty.

Straight from my hometown of Milwaukee, and chock-full of “America’s Finest” wieners and wursts, it’s the 2007 Usinger’s Famous Sausage catalog.

I’m such a fan that I start every morning with coffee in my lucky Usinger’s Fritzie the Elf mug. (I even keep a spare in case my go-to mug, gasp, breaks.)

Fritzi.jpgSo I wonder: Will the stack of holiday catalogs I receive this year be taller than Usinger’s own “yard of sausage”? (That’s 36 inches of the finest all-beef summer sausage in the land.)

I’m going to save every gift guide that gets mailed to me this season and we’ll find out. I’ll be sure to photograph the results and post a side-by-side comparison at the end of the year.

This Christmas, it’s man vs. sausage: Let the consumption begin!